The song and dance ensemble “Wierchy” was founded over 40 years ago in Milówka - a picturesque village in Żywiec Beskid under the name of Mr Józef Szczotka, the well-known folk activist and folklorist.

At the beginning they cultivated mainly native Żywiec folklore. However, over time they gradually began to add to their repertoire the songs and dances from other regions, including Cieszyn, Łowicz, Kraków (east and west), Laski, Sądecki, Beskid Sląski and the folklore of Żywiec.

In the Zakopane festival the group will show the event, “The Saint Stephen Day.” The program will introduce characteristic Żywiec customs and rituals connected with the Christmas period. The audience will see carolers with a star and a goat and having fun at the home of the landlord. Also singing and dancing of highlanders from the Żywiec region, such as, “obyrtka”, krzyżok, Kraków polka, walz and “hajduk”. The “obyrtka” dance is the most popular dance of Żywiec and is circular in motion: the pair circle around a common axis and move in a circle at the same time.

The group wish to be in the 1st category: traditional.