The Parish Regional Group of Giewont

The Parish Regional Giewont group was established in 1981. The founder and leader of the team was Father Jan Kowalik CM, pastor of the parish in Olcza in Zakopane, currently the Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal. Since the group was founded and operated under the patronage of the parish led by missionary priests, from the very beginning, it gave concerts in places where priests were active, including in Kraków, in Warsaw and in Wrocław. It has also performed abroad: in France, Austria, Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, Turkey, as well as in Hungary and Slovakia. 

On June 19, 1985, the ensemble had the honour of performing for the Holy Father John Paul II in the Vatican, and then participating in a private audience. 30 years after this event, the group performed again in St. Peter playing for the Holy Father Francis. Over the years, "Giewont" has participated in many festivals and competitions, including during the International Festival of Highland Folklore in Zakopane, Sabałowe Bajania and the Highlander Carnival in Bukowina Tatrzańska, the International Children's Folklore Festival in Sofia (Bulgaria) and the International Folklore Festival in Izmir-Foça (Turkey). 

In 2000, 2015 and 2016, the group hosted the International Festival of Highland Folklore in Zakopane. From 2017 it co-hosts together with the group of Klimek Bachleda. It is a laureate of numerous awards for highlander dancing and singing. In 2016, the group won the bronze axe at the Highlander Carnival in Bukowina Tatrzańska, and in 2017 they won the silver axe in the category of authentic groups at the 49th International Festival Highland Folklore in Zakopane. Currently, the group is led by: Maria Kukuc-Frączysta, Tomasz Galica and Katarzyna Stachoń-Groblowy. "Giewont" has about 30 members.